New Song Alert….Mr Darkness

Vicious Kitty is about to release their most ambitious musical project yet. A song about depression and a true personification of it….. Mr Darkness. It is by no happenstance that this creation came to light. In view of what has transpired in the world over the last few years. An estimated 17.3 million adults in the US have experienced a major episode of depression since 2020. It is a culture wide phenomena happening worldwide. The band found themselves along with others feeling lost and without hope with the absence of music compounding the effect.

But Mr Darkness doesn’t simply lament the fact that we were steeping in depression, it gives it a face and a voice of its own. We literally hear an emotion calling our name to join us in the sphere of its influence and we question why it can even be allowed to do this. In the end we must all survive or perish through our actions and resolve. Vicious Kitty has thankfully come out stronger and better in spite of all of this with the masterful creation of Mr Darkness.

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