Happy Thanksgiving from VK!!!

Hi everybody just wanted to send all of you a shout out to have a happy Turkey Day (as Jimmy says) special thanks to everybody new who has signed up for our blog!  We have tons of exiting stuff happening after the 1st of the year. Mixing on the new album is starting now and … Read more

Thanks for coming to our LIVESTREAM!!!

Hi everybody, we want to reach out and thank everybody who came to our livestream show on the 27th! We really appreciate the support!! And just a little recap on that note here is a video of Jimmy’s drum solo from that night for you to enjoy!! Don’t worry if you missed it we will … Read more


Hello all you awesome people out there in Vicious Kitty land!!! First off welcome to the new subscribers to this Blog! We ran into some technical difficulties recently but we are back up and running and you will be receiving all the Vicious Kitty tidbits more often and regularly. That is a good thing because … Read more

Welcome New subscribers!!

Shout out to all the new fans to sign up for our blog! The response was amazing!! Hope you enjoyed watching the exclusive view of our new video, Innocent Girl! We will be sending out e-mails this week to the lucky people who will be receiving our FREE EP for signing up. We will also … Read more


Hi everybody hope you are staying safe in these trying times. What seems the worst is we don’t have the opportunity for that personal connection to everyone. But we still want to bring some rock-n-roll to you all so we will be doing a show on stageit.com July 19th at 7 pm. Because we know … Read more

Back in the Saddle.

Hi everyone out there in Vicious Kitty land!! The band is back rockin’  again after a short vacation. We have tons of stuff going on so I will fill you in. Vicious Kitty has been featured in an upcoming documentary about the movie “Big Blue a Fishy Tale” which will be showing at several prestigious … Read more