New Video from Vicious Kitty

Hello everyone as promised because you are signed up for the mailer you get to see the new vicious kitty video for Bangkok City two days early!! Here is the link for you to enjoy!! just copy and paste to your browser and you will be able to watch our new video!!! Tell your … Read more

The Kitty keeps a Rockin!!!

Updates Updates!!! Vicious Kitty tested the waters with a couple of shows and IT ROCKED!!! We can’t wait to play our new music for all of you live!!! Meantime we just released the video of Mr Darkness and had over 30,000 views in just four weeks!!! Plus we just released on Spotify the album cut … Read more

New Song Alert….Mr Darkness

Vicious Kitty is about to release their most ambitious musical project yet. A song about depression and a true personification of it….. Mr Darkness. It is by no happenstance that this creation came to light. In view of what has transpired in the world over the last few years. An estimated 17.3 million adults in the … Read more

Merry Christmas to all

Hello and Merry Christmas from Vicious Kitty. As promised, we are taking care of all of you who have signed up for our blog, We are sending you the MP3 of our brand new Christmas song 48 hours before its release for you to listen to and get merry! The song was written by Tony … Read more