Welcome new subscribers

Vicious kitty wants to welcome all our new subscribers and catch you up on all the happenings!!! First of all we are dropping our new single “Spank Me” on Feb 23rd but we are going to give you our subscribers a private link so that you can hear it now on you tube! If you have been lucky enough to attend any vicious Kitty shows you will have heard this song right after a famous Jimmy St Bitchin drum solo. Or if you ever picked up a Vicious Kitty EP there is a previous version on it. What we are giving you now is a completely new recording of this song which will be released this summer along with 9 other songs on fabulous 12 inch Vinyl. We will keep you posted on dates for releases and videos.https://youtu.be/LcqB2eNX6FA Here is your private link, be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel so you will be able to see our new video’s as they come out!!
-VK Love

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