ALONE the first brand new song from Vicious Kitty

Hi everybody, just wanted to talk a little bit about Vicious Kitty’s new single “ALONE” being released April 6th on Spotify Apple Music and all streaming services. Besides being one of the first newly written songs by Vicious Kitty, the song is also a bit of a deeper dive into the soul of Vicious Kitty. We started the band just prior to the pandemic with high hopes and glorious dreams of being able to share the music that we had written separately and together with all of you. As we prepared for the world to meet Vicious Kitty it hit. It is hard to overstate the impact that that time had on all our lives. Going through it, there was one theme that kept popping up. The fact that people felt separated and alone.

Human gatherings stopped, family went unseen and unvisited, loved ones lost with no way to be beside them.

The song ALONE grew from that dark cloud that engulfed us all. That feeling that still lingers and lurks in the back of our minds, it never quite goes away.
Loneliness has always been a huge part of depression and despair. It still has not subsided for many of us.
The chorus of “ALONE” has several people harmonizing to the theme of the song. It symbolizes that though we are many, we still feel alone.
I hope you enjoy our new song and hopefully it will pave the way for all of us to go forward….together!

-VK Love

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