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Vicious Kitty Drops “Mr. Darkness” (SINGLE)

The story of rock n’ roll starts and ends with machismo, and if you look at a lot of the rock making headlines in 2021, it’s missing this one key ingredient. Gone are the chest-pounding beats that once made an entire arena filled to the brim with people rise to their feet in comradery, the epic solos, the endless vocal harmonies that seem to go on into infinity; in their place, a lackluster sense of equilibrium and fewer charismatic bandleaders than ever before.

Though they leave a lot of the coarse sexuality and angst that their predecessors reveled in at the door, there’s a lyrical and musical tether between Vicious Kitty and the legends in rock that is hard to ignore when listening to their new single “Mr. Darkness,” but I don’t know that this act qualifies as another throwback band in a sea of bar-quality groups trying to make a living these days. “Mr. Darkness” is take-no-prisoners-style rock music that puts the pressure on the guitar to enrapture the audience more than it does a sexy lyric, allowing for maximum sonic depth and a creative spirit to run as wild as it would have back in the ‘70s. read more…

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MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Spank Me By Vicious Kitty

Coming from a slightly vanilla background of soft rock, I was intrigued to listen to Vicious Kitty’s new single Spank Me. What I discovered was a powerful rock song with a hard rock overtone. The singer of this piece of music is very experienced and confident, takes risks and creates a new form of rock music. The trio that is Vicious Kitty is composed of highly experienced musicians, Matt Tantrum (lead vocals), Jimmy Saint Bitchin (drums) and Tony (Bones) Terlicker.

With reference to the song, it’s an English language song sung by Vicious Kitty and released in 2023, and is the first single from the album of the same name. The track expresses an erotic or sexual message in which a woman asks for something new and more exciting in her love life. It describes an intimate moment during a sexual encounter when the woman wants to spice up the encounter, making it more exciting and experimental.

This is shown in the lyrics, as the woman frames her request, and is also reflected in the music. The pounding of the drum beat and the throbbing rhythm of the bass accompany the lyrics, emphasizing the message of the track. The overall effect is deeply intimate, yet also powerfully sensual. Suspense follows as the listener is left to imagine what may have happened next.

While this is rock, it is not the hardest of hard rock. The vocals and vocal harmonies give life and emotion to the lyrics of the song. The rhythms are perhaps somewhat unusual, but this can only add to the suspense reflected in the theme: what will happen next? What I love most is the staggering combination of instruments such as percussion, electronic guitar, bass together with deep vocals, giving body and an impressive energy to this track.

This is one for all rock fans, hard or not so hard: everyone should listen to this track. It is cheering and energizing, and shows that there is always room for innovation, both in music and in other aspects of life. It is well worth a listen.

Review Made by Lucy Cicioni

ETP rated it ★ 5

Incredible song! Love the energy and passion! So much strength and a great vibe! Love the song. Easy and very enjoyable!


Ric rated it  ★5

Such an exotic sounding opening, was definitely not expecting it, followed up by a classic punk rock tune, expressing quite good and deep lyrics. The chorus is very uplifting and catchy, really liked it. Technically speaking all the elements come nicely together, different voices as well as different instruments, good job! I think this is quite an original tune, a perfect fit for my playlist, hope my followers will enjoy it as much as I did, congrats!


Guillermo rated it  ★4

Wow, This song transmits so much energy from the beginning. The melody is tuneful and memorable. The instrumental accompaniment is driving and accomplished. I loved the guitar performance that guides the song with the vocals. Then, this artist has a dynamic and confident tone of voice. This talented band has created an inspiring composition you will love. I will include it in my playlist.


“Breaking the mold, a group that still have a serious side, without taking without taking themselves too seriously. An attitude that seems to come naturally. Perhaps, simply, from a love of living on the edge. Vicious Kitty’s punk-pop-rock genre of music lends itself to earlier style’s yet still remains fresh, exciting, and new. Music that seems to defy classification and tends to frustrate critics who love to pigeonhole music into categories. The enthusiasm of the band often bordering on insanity seems to have become the trademark of the group, and considering the response from most audiences it’s easy to see why the opportunity to experience a Vicious Kitty show should not be missed.”

– Traynor Shoal, City Beat Magazine (May 13, 2015)