Do the Spank me TikTok Challenge

Do you want to be RICH, FAMOUS, a MOVIE STAR!! Then do the Vicious Kitty Spank me Challenge. Make a tiktok video of you spanking or getting spanked and we may use your footage in our upcoming video!! Be sure to include #spankmechallenge in your tiktok and we will see you soon!!!

Welcome new subscribers

Vicious kitty wants to welcome all our new subscribers and catch you up on all the happenings!!! First of all we are dropping our new single “Spank Me” on Feb 23rd but we are going to give you our subscribers a private link so that you can hear it now on you tube! If you … Read more

Hey Hey Hey and Merry Christmas

Hello to all of you out there! Vicious Kitty just wanted to give a shout out to all our friends and supporters and to our new friends who just signed up to the blog…. We hope you have a very Merry Christmas! We know it has been a tough couple of years for everyone, and … Read more

System upgrade

Hello everyone who signed up for our Vicious Kitty Blog. I want to announce that we have upgraded our software so that we can add features to our blog not previously available. You may need to reconfirm that you want to receive all the Vicious Kitty goodness that we love sending to you. So if … Read more

Merry Christmas to all

Hello and Merry Christmas from Vicious Kitty. As promised, we are taking care of all of you who have signed up for our blog, We are sending you the MP3 of our brand new Christmas song 48 hours before its release for you to listen to and get merry! The song was written by Tony … Read more

Welcome Vicious Kitty fans to our new updated mailer ! We will use this mailer to keep you up on a Vicious Kitty news and updates. As a reward for you signing up enjoy watching the feature comedy film Big Blue a Fishy Tale ABSOLUTELY FREE, with soundtrack songs by none other than Vicious Kitty!!!!