Band Biography

Matt Tantrum

Matt Tantrum was only ten when he first picked up his guitar, and took part in his first school talent show at thirteen. Garnishing popularity through his “Gemini” band, he would get some exceptional experience playing rock venues that offered large crowds. His second new musical formulation was “Nothin’ Fancy”, which initiated in 1980, and had a five year life line before “Cry Action” came into play. This would be his first chance to create music with current band member, Tony Terlicker. While going on to tour, Matt met some amazing and astounding legends in music, including Alice in Chains, The Posies, as well as early versions of Queensryche, Rebel and the Culprit. He then formed the band Solid Mass in early 1990 with Jason Boyleston  (of the Rock Vault of Vegas) and Sean Boomer (of Maxx Twelve) and recorded the Solid Mass EP to great expectation. “Slutt Puppies” would allow Matt the chance to first mesh with the drum maestro, Jimmy St Bitchin, and their EP “I’m A Tramp” was given regular rotation on several local rock radio stations. Both musicians would move along to merge with “LMD”. The band toured with Night Ranger, played shows throughout the NW and recorded an EP “New Generation” at the Music Source Recording Studios in Seattle. LMD performed on the television show “Bill Nye the Science Guy” as the grunge band of science. In late 1993 the band LMD broke up. 1994 had Matt being a founding member of “The Sea City Dolls”, and a parting of ways paved the way for him to produce, star and direct his feature film, “Big Blue-A Fishy Tale”. Within that same vein, he starred in several short films and local television shows. Matt also built the original “Cherry Productions Studio”, another arena for him to record and produce music. He is one of the founders of “Vicious Kitty”.





Jimmy St. Bitchin

Jimmy first began to jam on a drum set during a teen’s turning point – high school. Taking his hobby and trying to build a business, he jumped to join the band 5150 after graduation. This three-man marvel was offered an opening gig for Guns N Roses in June of 1985 at the Gorilla Gardens. Within the next seven years, Jimmy would find himself in four bands. He toured with “Troubled Valentine” from 1987-1990, then a cross over to “Cry Action”. 1991 had him sitting in with “Slutt Puppies”, then next in line was “LMD”. Three years later down the line, Jimmy would hop a plane to Honolulu to sit in with several top 40 bands. This move would become a memory as of 1998, as he ascertained an Alaskan tour gig with the Rock Giants until 2001. After a substantial stint of time playing for his public, Jimmy took to doing some studio work. Now living in Vegas, he would create his tribute band, “The Jimmy St. Bitchin Experiment”. Finally, as of 2015, he merged with Matt to formulate the band Vicious Kitty.




Tony Terlicker

Tony Terlicker is a many of multiple talents which fall into two major areas: music and movies. An accomplished guitarist, bassist and accordionist, Anthony has also aided as an Audio Engineer/Producer. He has a longstanding friendship with the band’s Founder, Matt Aird, and their bond has built a bigger and better band as of today. Having first met in high school, they partnered to put together a band by the name of “Gemini”. This collaboration solidified play dates all through Seattle, including a live performance in the heart of the HBO offices. Said set would go on to be showcased on the network.  They were also allowed to play on the sands of Alki Beach among dancing and drinking pirates for the Sea Fair.  Tony then spent some time touring with an alternate group named “Trapper”.  Trapper would go on to receive a citation of excellence and appreciation from the Tacoma Police Department for superior handling of their shows. Further, they were the openers for the Van Halen concert at the Seattle Center Mural Amphitheater. Fate would then find Anthony reunited with Matt to form “Cry Action”, and they would proceed to release one CD while together.  Short lived for a second time, Anthony moved along to make music with the likes of “T.J. Express” and “Syn City”. However, Tony would eventually end up working with Matt a third time, providing post production audio services for his film “Big Blue, a Fishy Tale”. Fast forward twenty years later, and said movie is now being digitally remastered. Present day finds him being the newest and neatest member of Vicious Kitty.