Hello all you awesome people out there in Vicious Kitty land!!! First off welcome to the new subscribers to this Blog! We ran into some technical difficulties recently but we are back up and running and you will be receiving all the Vicious Kitty tidbits more often and regularly. That is a good thing because the Band has a lot going on right now!!

I am so humbled and pleased to announce that Vicious Kitty has been nominated for best soundtrack in a movie, The movie being The Search for the Cheeseman which will be released later on this year, at the Art is Alive Film Festival in New York. The movie features several Vicious Kitty songs and music performed by Matthew Aird and Tony Terlicker.  It is truly an honor to be chosen for this and I encourage you to stay tuned as we will be updating you on the movie release dates!

The official release of Vicious Kitty’s Video for the song Innocent Girl is slated for next Sunday Sept. 20th. We will be posting it on facebook, youtube and on our website for the world to see, so be sure to tell your friends to be on the lookout for it!!

Also we may be doing a short live appearance on facebook live to introduce the video and talk about its conception.

Then the following week on Sept 27th we will be doing a live performance from right here at Vicious Kitty Studios on go to    to get you ticket, it is a pay what you can show because we know a lot of us are struggling right now but still need some Vicious Kitty Love!!!

We have been putting together a new light show so it will be a visually exciting performance and practicing our new material to be released later this year so get ready to ROCK!!!!

That’s all for now VK out!

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