Back in the Saddle.

Hi everyone out there in Vicious Kitty land!! The band is back rockin’  again after a short vacation. We have tons of stuff going on so I will fill you in. Vicious Kitty has been featured in an upcoming documentary about the movie “Big Blue a Fishy Tale” which will be showing at several prestigious film festivals this summer and fall. Also work on our new record is coming along, and there is a vicious rumor that Greg Foxx of the Renaissance Rock Orchestra will be laying some keyboard tracks, stay tuned! Also Vicious Kitty is in negotiations with groove International to handle bookings for the band!! Big Time!!! In the meantime we are releasing a single “Innocent Girl” remastered by Scott Maas!!! so look for it on Spotify and all your favorite streaming services! And look for in the next few weeks the song release to be followed up by a new video. We will keep you posted!

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