EPK Vicious Kitty Band Press Kit


Lightening in a bottle, that is the best way to describe the band Vicious Kitty.

Recently releasing on all streaming services their debut album to rave reviews and prestigious awards. One reviewer stating the music created by Vicious Kitty is to big to be contained for long.

The secret of Vicious Kitty is their edgy blend of rock, grunge, pop with a touch of mayhem that forms catchy, fun music that has been getting relentlessly played and hitting number one spots on the charts in Europe the US and the world. one critic stated. “The radio loves you guys”

But the best quality of Vicious Kitty is the music translates to an amazing live performance. All three seasoned musicians perform with an engaging energy that must be seen to be believed. Vicious Kitty has honed their craft by performing over the years with iconic members of bands such as Alice n chains, guns and roses and night Ranger. Performing in the Seattle area and up and down the west coast for many years for crowds in excess of 5000.

Vicious Kitty’s live show is tight, over the top and just fun to experience.

One reviewer posted Vicious Kitty’s music begs to be experienced live, and I can’t wait for a show to happen near me.

Best Rock Video Award Winner! Mr. Darkness



As if to shove its way through the darkness on the back of a potent guitar’s hardest melody, we’re bid a harsh hello by the strings in “Bangkok City” as we start the tracklist in Vicious Kitty’s LP Vicious Kitty. There’s a feeling of iciness to the beat-solid piece that ensues, but it won’t stop a warm undertow from whisking us away with its powerful harmony, which on its own is almost too big for the track it’s contained within. This intro is a good buffer for the full-board magic of “Sweet Memories” and a radio-ready slab of alternative rock in “Alone,” but don’t be fooled by the theatrics – this is a band focused more on the music than they are the mundane fireworks any artist can add into a record after the fact.

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Hard rock rebels Vicious Kitty get very conceptual when they’re left to their own devices, and I don’t think their considerable buzz prepared me for what I was going to review this summer in their new LP Vicious Kitty. Just looking at the tracklist of Vicious Kitty alludes to a contemporary hedonism so many of their rivals have futilely tried to capture on their own. Peeking deeper into the contents of the record makes it clear we’re not listening to another underground dispatch in a year filled with as many studs as it is duds. From the achy howl of a quiet “Alone” to the brutish masterclass on alternative songwriting that is “Looking Glass,” this is an album made to stir a reaction out of listeners on the spot.

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Threateningly cutting into the silence in “Spank Me” or crushing a dirge in the groove-laden “Struggle,” Vicious Kitty’s self-titled album presents listeners with such a fetching and addictive tracklist that temptations to play it from start to finish are often too strong to be resisted. There’s rich unevenness to the construction of brooding rock tunes like “Sweet Memories” and the progressive “Looking Glass,” but it’s as captivating a find as the steadiness of “Mr. Darkness” or the classic “Freedom” is.

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